AquaSnap is an easy-to-use ATP liquid test compatible with Hygiena luminometers. The device is available in two formats: Free and Total. AquaSnap Free measures dissolved ATP that is free in solution (non-microbial ATP). AquaSnap Total measures both free ATP in solution and microbial ATP (non-microbial and microbial ATP). The difference between Total and Free provides an indication of microbial contamination in the sample. Both tests feature a specifically designed dipper tip that collects 100 µl of water, ensuring consistent sample collection. The test device’s unique liquid-stable chemistry, combined with simple design, offers unrivaled accuracy and reproducibility. The devices are often used for monitoring CIP systems and for industrial water treatment systems such as cooling towers and closed water systems.



» Easy-to-use
» Results in 15 seconds
» Patented Snap-Valve™ design enables accurate results with less variation
» Unique liquid-stable reagent provides accuracy and reproducibility
» Reagent is tolerant to temperature abuse and sanitizer effects
» Honey dipper collects consistent 100 µl sample
» 100% recyclable plastic
» 15 month shelf life at refrigerated temperature (2- 8°C)
» 4 week shelf life at room temperature (21-25⁰C)


  •  Extremely sensitive- detects down to 0.1 femtomoles ATP with
    EnSURE or Pi-102 luminometer
  •  Detects down to 103 CFU

Aqua Snap Procedure