BAX System

Food companies, service labs and government regulators around the world rely on the Hygiena [email protected] System, which uses the polymerase chain reaction to detect unwanted bacteria in raw ingredients, finished products and environmental samples. Introduced more than 20 years ago, the [email protected] System was the first DNA-based detection method for the food industry. Now, the automated, user-friendly system is easy to operate, utilizing real-time or traditional PCR assays, tableted reagents and optimized media to minimize handson time and free technicians for other tasks. Today the [email protected] System is the leading PCR instrument in ISO-17025 labs worldwide


»  CONFIDENCE Clear and reproducible results, independent of operator technique.

» CONVENIENCE Pre-packaged PCR reagent tablets provide consistency, stability and long shelf-life.

» RELIABILITY Automated cycling, detection and analysis without the need for expert skills.

» ELECTRONIC DATA LIMS-compatible system allows for easy storage, retrieval and printing.

» EASE OF USE Simplified sample prep with minimal hands-on time.

» SUPPORT World-class customer-focused assistance to answer your questions and keep your operation running smoothly.

»SPEED High capacity load, up to 96 samples per batch


UltraSnap’s superior performance was validated in a third party study conducted by a large reference laboratory. In addition to superior repeatability (Diagram 1), Hygiena’s system demonstrated outstanding performance for linearity, sensitivity, and accuracy. Learn more at or contact Hygiena for a full copy of the study.